Intrepid’s NSS Directorate is comprised of the best national security professionals handpicked from the U.S. Intelligence Community, Special Operations Forces (SOF), and homeland security environments. As a strategic initiative, this Directorate is comprised of the following mission-focused and customer-oriented capabilities.

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Intrepid’s strategic initiative in NSS afford our customers a very unique suite of interdependent capabilities that few service providers can holistically deliver. We provide a cadre of career national security professionals with decades of real-world experience who understand the emerging conventional, asymmetric, and hybrid threats to customer businesses or enterprises. Our experts will manage risk within budgetary constraints and achieve maximum results. Intrepid understands the importance of making intelligence-driven decisions when protecting critical assets or enabling operations in permissive and non-permissive national security environments.

Our strategy is to consistently provide the most operationally-effective and cost-efficient solutions tailored to meet individual business needs. Our national security strategies ensure that we protect and enable what our customer values most.

Intelligence Programs

Intrepid’s intelligence operations and analysis capabilities allow our customers to strategically enhance the strength of their cost, schedule, and performance integrity. We provide an intelligence-driven approach to decision making and operational execution by empowering our customers with accurate information and data analytics to enable the right decision in real-time. Click HERE to learn more about Intrepid’s Intelligence Programs.

Security Programs

Intrepid’s security operations services and protection management experts understand the emerging threats to a client’s enterprise and are experienced to manage risk within budgetary constraints. Our approach to providing security solutions ensures that our clients have a clear understanding of their most critical assets, their most exposed vulnerabilities, and are provided with a uniquely tailored menu of services to strategically protect what they value most. Click HERE to learn more about Intrepid’s Security Programs

Security Engineering & Protective Sciences

Intrepid’s security engineering experts apply scientific principles to identify vulnerabilities in a manner that minimizes risks associated with a client’s capability or environment. Our interdisciplinary security engineering process employs technical analysis, physical design, and a variety of disciplines in the protective sciences to predict, evaluate, and harden the vulnerabilities of a system or environment against security threats. Click HERE to learn more about Intrepid’s Security Engineering & Protective Sciences.

Surveillance & Reconnaissance Operations

Intrepid provides our customers with a cadre of career surveillance and reconnaissance professionals who understand the unique needs of our customers’ enterprise and environments. We enable our customers to obtain and sustain situational awareness data in real time while enabling critical technical analysis of their operating environments. We provide the most cost-efficient and operationally-effective surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities to ensure our customers can sustain visibility on those assets and activities that they value most. Click HERE to learn more about Intrepid’s Surveillance & Reconnaissance Operations.