As an early OSA proponent and adopter, Intrepid has followed OSA principles utilizing well-defined, open interfaces and designing modular components to promote portability and reuse. We have actively supported the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Consortium since it was founded in 2010, and are active participants in all 3 working groups covering technical, business and data architecture topics. We are significant contributors to the creation and maturation of the FACE approach and are contributing authors to the FACE Technical Standard and Business Guide, and principal author of the Contract Guide and Supplier’s Getting Started Guide. We authored an OSMP DID (DI-MGMT-82099) based on lessons learned from numerous missile defense and aviation programs.


  • PEO AVN CIO: Real-Time Safety Critical Computing Environment (RTSCE), Software Product Line (SPL)
  • AMRDEC SED Aviation S&T Programs: Aviation Systems Integration Facility, ASIF OA
  • PEO M&S IAMD Project Office: Software Directorate, Systems Engineering Directorate, Architecture Division